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In 1988, we introduced our own exclusive brand “BR” (Bieman Riding). By now, BR has developed into a recognized brand that is synonymous with quality within the equestrian world. Riding safely requires good equipment for both horse and rider. BR aspires to make a qualitative contribution to riding now and in the future. The brand would like to relieve riders of worries and allow them to enjoy riding to the fullest. BR is one of the most innovative top brands in the equestrian world. Focusing on making stylish products of good quality at an affordable price, BR offers stylish designs with attention to detail, material, fit and functionality, always guided by trends and market developments. During the development of new products BR uses high-quality, technical materials and modern production methods. BR is always on the lookout for new trends in equestrian sports. In addition, BR uses the knowledge and experience of top riders, like Jos Lansink, who has cooperated with BR for many years. The products are tested by our own employees as well, because many of them actively take part in equestrian sports. Twice a year - in spring and autumn - BR presents new seasonal clothing and horsewear collections. The functional and fashionable clothing matches beautifully with the BR horsewear collection. BR offers basic items as well. These timeless basic items are available throughout the year. BR has extensive product ranges for recreational riders as well as competitive riders, breeders and, of course, professionals. The assortment is constantly in a state of flux due to the market developments.
  • Martingal Propp
    Rubber. PU 10.
    22,68 kr
  • Tygel Stops
    Rubber. PU 5.
    27,72 kr
  • BR säkerhetsstigbyglar Kwik-out
    These safety stirrups are made of stainless steel and feature a hinged safety mechanism. The weight of the rider will open the stirrup in the event of a fall. This way, the safety mechanism helps to prevent the foot from getting caught in the stirrup. The stirrup is fitted with a nylon bristle tread. The weight of the stainless steel stirrup ensures a good stirrup position, which will keep the foot in the correct position. As a result, this provides more stability and improves leg position. Per pair. The self-adhesive Kwik-Out stirrup treads are also available separately, article 122908.
    1 138,61 kr
  • Gummiplattor
    Straight model for Filles stirrups.
    55,44 kr
  • Br spännare för gjord
    Wooden girth tightener, makes it easy to tighten the girth.
    80,14 kr
  • BR Skydd för Pelham-kedja
    22,68 kr
  • BR bettgummi Free
    Rubber, can easily be attached, because of the free spaces.
    34,78 kr
  • Nevr-Dull Magic Wadding Polish
    The wadding polish will clean and will produce a brilliant shine to all metals.
    110,38 kr
  • Svettskrapa Plastic
    Plastic sweat scraper with rubber on one side.
    37,80 kr
  • BR Sax
    With curved blade and plastic coated grip, stainless steel.
    90,22 kr
  • BR Säker hållare för vattenämbare
    Galvinated safety bracket for drinking bowl, universal.
    432,96 kr
  • BR Slickstenshållare
    Stainless steel, for mineral lick article 825902.
    156,25 kr
  • BR Träns Krok
    Chrome-plated, four hooks, can be fastened to the ceiling.
    59,98 kr

    Out of stock

  • BR rack för täcke
    With four chrome-plated rails with strong chain, to dry horse rugs.
    231,35 kr
  • BR Fästningsring
    Plate fixing.
    47,88 kr
  • Karbinkrok med väggplatta
    For stable bucket.
    59,98 kr
  • BR Brems
    Aluminium, with cord and snap hook.
    78,13 kr
  • Padlock
    Padlock for grooming box.
    44,86 kr
  • Br ledbett
    Single jointed, solid stainless steel, rings 55 mm with 11.5 cm and 65 mm with the other sizes. Mouthpiece thickness 16 mm.
    221,27 kr
  • BR schabrak Melange Classic GP
    Elegant saddle pad made of cotton melange, with 300 g polypropylene down filling and cord piping with a gold or silver thread. The lining made of waffle material is treated with Ciba. Therefore, the material absorbs sweat perfectly and dries quickly. With adjustable retaining straps and girth loops with Velcro closure.
    463,21 kr
  • BR dressyrschabrak Melange Classic
    Elegant saddle pad made of cotton melange, with 300 g polypropylene down filling and cord piping with a gold or silver thread. The waffle fabric lining has been Ciba treated, what gives the material a high moisture absorption and quick dry capacity. With adjustable retaining straps and girth loops with Velcro.
    463,21 kr
  • BR dressyrschabrak Airflow Sublime
    Stylish saddle pad made of blended polycotton with an airflow backseam to stimulate airflow. The saddle pad has a 400 g filling with 8 mm foam and a Ciba treated (moisture control) polyester airflow lining. The saddle pad has a special binding with airflow polyester and threefold cord piping with silver details. The retaining straps and girth loops have Velcro closure.
    533,77 kr
  • BR Ridbyxor Mike
    1 037,80 kr
  • BR Fillis stigbyglar, guld
    Filles stirrups, with black treads, stainless steel, gold-coloured.
    533,77 kr
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