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När du är ute på mörka allmänna vägar, kom ihåg reflexerna! Det är bra att gå igenom utrustningen och säkerställa att hästen syns framifrån och bakifrån. Välj reflexer från det breda utbudet och se till att synas! Bra reflexer för häst, hund och ryttare. Kom även ihåg lysbandet från Wolters för din vovve!
  • USG reflexband
    74,60 kr
  • Wahlsten Ridhjälm reflex
    Reflex i resår, att sätta runt ridhjälmen. CE godkänd.
    79,64 kr
  • Reflecting vest Premiere w/print Yellow
    Fluorescent yellow vest made of polyester mesh. The safety vest features black piping and a retroreflective strip at the front and back. This ensures excellent visibility in traffic, bad weather and in the dark. The back of the vest also contains a warning print for traffic from behind. Easy to put on over your riding clothes thanks to the open sides with elastic straps.
    160,79 kr
  • HKM Jacket -Safety-

    - breathable
    - dirt resistant
    - machine washable at 30 degrees
    - suitable for dryer
    - outer fabric: 96% polyester, 4% elastane
    - reflects in the dark
    - tailored fit
    - 2 outside pockets
    - inside zip pocket
    - elastic waist band
    - 2 way zip with cover
    - 2 front pockets with zips
    - detachable hood
    - built in sleeve with knitted cuff
    - reflective braid
    - en iso 20471 certified

    906,75 kr
  • HEY SPORT® Lightflex Spray
    HEY SPORT LIGHTFLEX SPRAY provides protection and safety in the dark by the reflection of light. Through the use of innovative, highly reflective particles, individually-designed motifs can be sprayed on which illuminate in the dark to provide visibility and protection. The reflection spray is suitable for all untreated materials such as textiles, leather, wood, plastic, metal. Limited adhesion to smooth and sealed surfaces. Waterproof, weather-resistant and can be washed out. Instructions for use: Shake the HEY SPORT LIGHTFLEX SPRAY well before use. Keep the container upright and spray evenly and sparingly from a distance of c. 20 cm for 2-3 seconds. Leave to dry at least 2 minutes. For best results, re-shake after each spraying process. When using a stencil, lay it flat on the area to be sprayed and cover surrounding material. In order to clean the valve after use, hold the spray container upside down and give two short, sharp squirts. A grey film may remain visible, depending on material and intensity of application. Check the result - even if application is barely visible - by taking a photo with flash. HEY SPORT LIGHTFLEX SPRAY can be washed out of textiles in the washing machine by using HEY SPORT TEX WASH.
    251,01 kr
  • HKM Ledlampor med clipfunktion LED light, per pair
    - includes batteries
    100,30 kr
  • HKM Fluorescent bib Adultuniversal size

    - windproof
    - machine washable at 30 degrees
    - suitable for dryer
    - 100% polyester
    - reflects in the dark

    100,30 kr