Vinterhandskar och fleecehandskar

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Mångsidiga ridhandskar för vinterridning. Vadderade handskar för ridning i terräng samt lite tunnare fleecehandskar. Vinterhandskarna håller dig varm under ridturen på vintern utan att ge avkall på din stil.
  • Imperial Riding ridhandskar Ride With Me
    Imperial Ridings vinterversion av Loraine-handskarna med pärldetaljer och broderier. Utanpå: 50% Polyester och 50% Polyurethane syntetiskt läder. Foder: 100% Polyester fleece.
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  • Busse vinter ridhandskar LUKA

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  • Roeckl Malta winter riding gloves
    The MALTA WINTER is a true classic. Eye-catcher: colorcontrasting piping and the stylized hand logo on the characteristic fastener. The material, fit and wear comfort are identical to that of the original ROECK-GRIP – and tangibly so. The exclusive ROECK-GRIP® material is extremely breathable, elastic and supple. In short: it fits like a second skin. At the same time, it provides the excellent grip and tactility you need when handling the reins. For this winter model, the ROECK-GRIP® was additionally laminated with a warm and soft Micro Bemberg lining. The glove tailors from Munich also focused on the fit and processing quality: the glove’s individual components are meticulously sewn together by hand. Maximum seam tolerances of just one millimeter are merely a tangible quality criterion, however, because comfort itself cannot be physically measured. It’s the cuts and proportions that make all the difference. This is where ROECKL benefits from over 175 years of experience in the art of glove-making. Convenient: the MALTA WINTER is machine-washable at 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit). The fastener with easy closure reliably secures the glove around your wrist.
    529,23 kr
  • Roeckl Kairi winter kids riding gloves
    ROECKL SPORTS presents the KAIRI, a new fleece glove for young horse lovers. Whether in the stables, in the wintery cold indoor riding hall, or outside enjoying a long horseback ride - if you love fleece, this little handwarmer is the perfect choice for you! Made from high-quality fleece, this finger glove is as snuggly soft as a cuddly toy. The palm and index finger feature a trimming made from Digital PU material, which gives equestrians a secure grip on the reins. An elastic band at the wrist ensures a comfortable fit. The colorful border as well as the three-dimensional appliqués in the shape of the ROECKL lettering and hand logos are real eyecatchers. The KAIRI is available in the color combinations black, black/pink and black/blue, as well as in the sizes 4, 5, and 6.
    186,49 kr
  • Roeckl KENDI Ridhandskar
    Kids know exactly what they want. This is why riding gloves for children must not only be functional but also need to look really good. No problem for the sporty KENDI. On the one hand, water- and windproof ROECK-TEX MEMBRANE reliably protects sensitive children’s hands against wet and cold conditions. On the other hand, the long, knitted and striped cuff is an eye catcher. It keeps the wrist warm and fits underneath all kinds of jackets. A warm insulation and a cozy lining keep hands toasty warm. The palm features robust reinforcements for more grip, which enable youngsters a safe and precise handling of the reins. The good news for mums and dads: KENDI is machine-washable at 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit).
    402,72 kr
  • Roeckl WARWICK JUNIOR winter riding gloves
    Convenient and extremely elastic – ROECKL SPORTS presents the WARWICK JUNIOR. The backhand and palm are both made from Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro, a warm, soft and particularly elastic material. Young riding enthusiasts will also love ROECKL’s exclusive COMFORT CUT. Thanks to this particularly slender and comfortable cut, there is no need for trimming on the index finger. Convenient and beautiful at the same time: the palm is elaborately siliconized with countless ROECKL logos, thus ensuring an ideal grip on the reins. The area between the ring finger and the little finger, which also comes into contact with the reins, has been siliconized as well. The ROECKL logo on the cuff tops off this model’s set of well-thought-out features.
    367,94 kr
  • HKM Ridhandskar Frosty med Thinsulate filling

    - breathable
    - highly insulated
    - machine washable at 30 degrees
    - suitable for dryer
    - before washing close velcro fastenings
    - fabric: 100% polyester
    - palm: 60% polyurethane, 40% polyester
    - outer fabric: 96% polyester, 4% elastane
    - knitted insert: 92% nylon, 8% elastanee
    - elasticated softopren fabric
    - stretch material
    - Thinsulate filling
    - fingers reinforced with imitation leather/artifici

    251,51 kr
  • HV Polo ridhandskar Ashville
    Gloves Ashville with teddy fleece lining, reflected piping, printed logo artwork, logo silicone print for grip and zip closure. - Composition: 50% Nylon 38% Polyester 5% Neoprene 5% Cotton 2% Polyurethane.
    418,35 kr
  • Roeckl WIEN ridhanskar
    As a universal slip-in glove for in-between seasons and winter days that are not too freezing cold, the WIEN offers great functionality at an affordable price. Innovative, supple and at the same time abrasion-resistant Sens-Grip on the palm ensures an outstandingly good grip and tactility for handling the reins. The laminated fleece inside the glove is soft to the touch and provides a lot of wear comfort. The backhand made from 3-layer softshell material follows every movement and also spoils the hand with a soft and warming inside fleece. Convenient: The broad neoprene cuff together with the elastic band softly surrounds the wrist, guaranteeing an optimum fit. Reflecting design elements, piping as well as the eye-catching embossed logo give the WIEN its sporty and dynamic look. Trimmings on the sides as well as on the fingertips made from Sens-Grip highlight the modern cut and protect the glove from particularly heavy strain.
    462,70 kr
  • Roeckl WILLOW ridhanskar
    Glove specialist Roeckl Sports presents the WILLOW, a sophisticated riding glove, which is the right choice for in-between-seasons as well as on winter days that are not too freezing cold. The look: timeless, sporty. The functionality: tactile, windproof, highly breathable and with a lot of grip. The fit: convincing as usual. Soft ROECK-PROOF on the backhand follows every movement, keeps out wind and cold while retaining the warmth inside the glove. The palm combines tried and tested Drytec G5 with a comfortably soft and warming fleece lining. It ensures an excellent grip, is supple, extremely breathable and highly elastic. In short: It provides everything the equestrian is looking for: wear comfort, tactility and a safe and precise grip for handling the reins. Thanks to exclusive COMFORT CUT there is no need for trimming on the index finger– for a slender silhouette and an optimum fit. A broad fastener on the palm reliably secures the glove around the wrist. Stylish metallic accents on the fastener underline this glove’s sporty as well as modern appearance.
    543,35 kr
  • Roeckl Julia riding gloves
    A riding glove with a “wow“- effect! The JULIA by glove specialist Roeckl Sports spoils your senses, while at the same time boasting well-thought-out features. Trendy and elegant design with a sense of style, the slender model for female equestrians fits like a second skin. New: Starting in autumn 2019, this stylish hand charmer will also be available in trendy nightblue. Tried-and-tested ROECK-GRIP®, laminated with a warming fleece lining for winter riding, offers maximum grip and tactility on the reins. But that’s not all: It is comfortably soft and supple for a wear comfort second to none! In addition, the elastic backhand with an embossed diamond pattern made from windproof and highly breathable ROECK-PROOF follows every movement. Thanks to this glove’s exclusive COMFORTCUT, trimming on the index finger is not required – for a slimmer silhouette and an outstandingly good fit. Last but not least, color-contrasting piping and a logo with a sparkling effect give this glove a fashionable touch – just like the elegant fastener with the silver or, as the case may be, golden hand logo.
    563,51 kr
  • HV Polo Ashville ridhanskor
    HV Polo Gloves Ashville with teddy fleece lining, reflected piping, printed logo artwork, logo silicone print for grip and zip closure.
    352,32 kr
  • Roeckl WISMAR vinterridhandskar

    Roeckl WISMAR reliably protects equestrians’ hands from wind and cold while at the same time providing excellent tactility. The immensely successful ROECK-GRIP® material on the palm – it is supple and at the same time offers excellent grip – allows for sensitive handling of the reins. The absolutely windproof GORE® WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell elastic backhand keeps out biting cold wind. In addition, a napped inner lining and the long, slim construction with a closely fitting knitted cuff and an elastic backhand fastener retain the warmth inside the glove.  The glove is of course easily machinewashable at 30°C.

    704,64 kr
  • Roeckl Wayne Winter riding gloves
    The delicately striped WAYNE bridges the gap between a sporty fashionable all-rounder and the perfect groom glove in a stylish and cool way. The fall and winter glove is made from soft, highly elastic brushed Lycra material, which is napped on the inside. This provides for a soft and snug fit, making the WAYNE extremely comfortable to wear. What’s more, any moisture can be perfectly absorbed and escape to the outside. Almost all of the palm surface features silicone trimming for a non-slip grip of the leash, reins and all other equestrian equipment. Reflective design elements highlight the dynamic look. This handy do-it-all glove also boasts great value for money. And since horse and barn work almost always involves high wear and tear as well as dirt, the WAYNE can be washed in the machine at 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 ° Celsius).
    267,14 kr
  • Roeckl Wels Winter riding gloves
    Style-conscious equestrians who seek a warm, comfortable and elegant riding glove in a classic and at the same time classy design, will love the WELS. What catches the eye first is the sophisticated design of the backhand made from SUPREMA by ROECKL, an exclusive, supple and breathable synthetic leather material, which looks and feels like real Nappa leather, as well as the cuff featuring a stylish look like a quilted pattern. ROECK-GRIP®, ROECKL’s highly successful material which is breathable, elastic and supple, was used for the palm to ensure a perfect grip and excellent tactility on the reins. This is why the WELS fits like a second skin. When temperatures continue to fall and winter arrives at the stable, the precise, tight fit and the warming lining prevent your hands from getting cold. Thanks to the clever design of ROECKL’s exclusive COMFORT-CUT, extra trimming on the index finger is not required, providing added comfort. Conclusion: The WELS is a stylish riding glove that follows each and every movement; furthermore, it keeps the cold out and the warmth inside the glove. And as gloves rarely stay clean for long at the stable, this model is machine-washable at 30°C (86° Fahrenheit). The WELS is available in black/grey, black stonewashed and mocha antique. An easy closure fastener reliably secures the glove around your wrist.
    603,83 kr
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