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Horsepros utbud har alltid något nytt att erbjuda - kika in för att hitta de senaste trenderna både för ryttare och produkter för hästens välbefinnande!

  • Eskadron Vadderat täcke för stallet Nylon med nackdel 500g
    Stable Rug Nylon upper fabric with 500gr thermal filling with fixed nack parts

    Regular Price: 1 814,01 kr

    Special Price 1 370,46 kr

  • Eskadron NICI Anti Fly Hood ARTWORK
    The brand new eye-catcher of the season! The Anti-Fly Protector made of strong cotton with elastic heart-ears of Jersey will fit every horse’s head shape and, furthermore, is also available in pony size. A particularly distinctive feature of this Nici model is the striking emblem application at the front. The colouring also blends harmoniously with the rest of the collection. Limited Edition!
    289,42 kr
  • Premiere Fly Sheet with Belly Cover
    · Outer: 100% polyester mesh
    · Back seam: polypropylene strap with loops to fasten belly cover
    · Breathable
    · Surcingle with elastic straps
    · Tail cover
    · Washable up to 30ºC
    564,01 kr
  • Premiere Fly täcke Combo Animal Print
    Fly rug with detachable neck cover in zebra design. Scientific research has shown that a zebra design attracts less flies. The fly rug features double, adjustable front buckles, shoulder gussets, adjustable cross surcingles, elastic leg straps, a fillet string and a tail flap. Its detachable neck cover features two Velcro closures. In addition, it has a fleece poll protector. The neck cover can be attached to the halter by means of an elastic Velcro closure and to the rug by means of three elastic straps with easy & quick release clips. Made of 100% polyester mesh featuring a lining of 190T taffeta nylon.
    533,77 kr
  • Premiere Fly Sheet Basic
    · 100% Polyester mesh
    · 190T Taffeta nylon lining
    · Leg gussets
    · Adjustable, one side detachable surcingle
    · Tail cover
    · 2x Standard breast closures
    · Wither padding
    Matches with Premiere fly mask Basic, article 374106.
    301,92 kr
  • Premiere Fly Mask Basic
    100% Polyester Mesh fly mask with ears and Velcro closure. Matches to the Premiere Basic fly rug 372123/372124.
    100,30 kr
  • Premiere Sweet Itch Hood
    Matches the Premiere sweet itch rug, article 375101. This hood protect from mosquito stings on the horse head. Next to the protection from insects the hood also protects from sunshine. The hood is made of 100% polyester and has plastic fittings. The material is strong, elastic, breathable, fast drying and machine washable at 30°C.
    180,95 kr
  • Absorbine Ultrashield Fly Mask
    Polyester fly mask with ears and Velcro fastening.
    342,24 kr

    Out of stock

  • Absorbine Ultrashield Fly Mask
    Polyester fly mask with ears and Velcro fastening.

    Regular Price: 357,86 kr

    Special Price 304,23 kr

    Out of stock

  • Quistel Shampoo Bio-Restoring 1 l
    Effective against coat and skin diseases, disinfects, stops skin flaking, stops coat and skin irritations and stimulates the growth of coat on bald areas.
    128,53 kr
  • Quistel Skin Lotion Bio-Restoring 150 ml
    Stops and/or prevents abnormal hair thinning, may be used against skin diseases, stimulates the growth of coat on bald areas. Activates the blood flow. You can spray the lotion on the skin and coat, wet or dry. It does not have to be rinsed.
    78,13 kr
  • Metalab klippmaskin EZ-Groom sladdlös
    New version of the Metalab EZ-Groom. This clipper has an ergonomic design for extra ease of operation. The clipper remains cool during use and it barely vibrates. This new model has an improved battery compared to the previous model. The clipper recharges in only 2.5 hours and stops automatically when the battery is fully charged. The improved capacity gives you more time to clip. The clipper comes with an adapter (voltage 110~220 volt), cleaning brush, oil, blade medium and a 'SANYO' Quick Charge NiMh battery, 2.4 volt/2700 mAh. Included, but also available separately: medium Metalab clipper blade, article 802909. Not included, but available separately: fine Metalab clipper blade, article 802908.
    1 209,17 kr
  • Roeckl Malta winter riding gloves
    The MALTA WINTER is a true classic. Eye-catcher: colorcontrasting piping and the stylized hand logo on the characteristic fastener. The material, fit and wear comfort are identical to that of the original ROECK-GRIP – and tangibly so. The exclusive ROECK-GRIP® material is extremely breathable, elastic and supple. In short: it fits like a second skin. At the same time, it provides the excellent grip and tactility you need when handling the reins. For this winter model, the ROECK-GRIP® was additionally laminated with a warm and soft Micro Bemberg lining. The glove tailors from Munich also focused on the fit and processing quality: the glove’s individual components are meticulously sewn together by hand. Maximum seam tolerances of just one millimeter are merely a tangible quality criterion, however, because comfort itself cannot be physically measured. It’s the cuts and proportions that make all the difference. This is where ROECKL benefits from over 175 years of experience in the art of glove-making. Convenient: the MALTA WINTER is machine-washable at 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit). The fastener with easy closure reliably secures the glove around your wrist.
    529,23 kr
  • Roeckl Weldon winter riding gloves
    Highly versatile and extremely elastic – ROECKL SPORTS presents the WELDON. Convenient: this allrounder is TOUCHSCREEN COMPATIBLE, allowing you to take calls on your smartphone without having to take off your gloves. The thumb and index finger were designed using the sophisticated 3D cut to enable quicker and easier use of the touchscreen without compromising wear comfort. Furthermore, this model will captivate equestrians with its slender cut. Thanks to ROECKL’s exclusive COMFORTCUT, extra trimming on the index finger is not required. The backhand and palm are made from warm, soft and especially elastic Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro. The materials’ particularly heavy quality guarantees extra warmth, while the flatlock seams provide increased wear comfort and grip. Convenient and beautiful: the palm featuring countless siliconized little ROECKL hand logos ensures a perfect grip on the reins. The area between the ring finger and the little finger, which is the part of the glove that comes into contact with the reins, features an additional siliconized reinforcement. The pull-on aid makes it easier to put on the gloves. New: Starting in autumn 2019, this handy allrounder will also be available in the trendy color berry with a feminine ROECKL lettering. Reflective design elements complete this glove’s range of features.
    473,29 kr
  • Roeckl Kairi winter kids riding gloves
    ROECKL SPORTS presents the KAIRI, a new fleece glove for young horse lovers. Whether in the stables, in the wintery cold indoor riding hall, or outside enjoying a long horseback ride - if you love fleece, this little handwarmer is the perfect choice for you! Made from high-quality fleece, this finger glove is as snuggly soft as a cuddly toy. The palm and index finger feature a trimming made from Digital PU material, which gives equestrians a secure grip on the reins. An elastic band at the wrist ensures a comfortable fit. The colorful border as well as the three-dimensional appliqués in the shape of the ROECKL lettering and hand logos are real eyecatchers. The KAIRI is available in the color combinations black, black/pink and black/blue, as well as in the sizes 4, 5, and 6.
    186,49 kr
  • Roeckl WARWICK JUNIOR winter riding gloves
    Convenient and extremely elastic – ROECKL SPORTS presents the WARWICK JUNIOR. The backhand and palm are both made from Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro, a warm, soft and particularly elastic material. Young riding enthusiasts will also love ROECKL’s exclusive COMFORT CUT. Thanks to this particularly slender and comfortable cut, there is no need for trimming on the index finger. Convenient and beautiful at the same time: the palm is elaborately siliconized with countless ROECKL logos, thus ensuring an ideal grip on the reins. The area between the ring finger and the little finger, which also comes into contact with the reins, has been siliconized as well. The ROECKL logo on the cuff tops off this model’s set of well-thought-out features.
    367,94 kr
  • Exercise sheet Color stripes

    - breathable
    - fast moisture absorption
    - machine washable at 30 degrees
    - suitable for dryer
    - 100% polyester
    - soft micro fleece material
    - easy care
    - tail strap
    - velcro fastening in saddle area

    231,35 kr
  • HKM Treeless shettysadel
    - incl. Saddle girth - incl. stirrup straps - Seat size: approx. 12'' - Very light
    1 592,24 kr
  • HKM ridskor Dublin
    - highly water resistant - non-slip - synthetic sole - interior synthetic - uppers of genuine quality leather - zip at back - soft padding - easy lace-up - non-slip sole - waterproof sole - boot is completely lined
    1 441,03 kr
  • Flugtäcken -Stars- Combo
    - protects horse from flies and insects - machine washable at 30 degrees - suitable for dryer with cold air setting only! - 100% polyester - superb quality knitted fabric - soft material - best quality - easy care - tail strap - adjustable front closures - tail guard - double front fastenings - belly guard - removeable leg straps with snap clips - velcro fastenings - anti-pierce
    634,58 kr
  • BR Tendon Boots Pro Max Pro
    These polyurethane tendon boots have a strong, shock-absorbing lining made of 5 mm neoprene. The boot is reinforced with a 600D nylon lining at the point where the Velcro closures are attached. All Pro Max tendon boots are fitted with an integrated inner shell made of preformed synthetic material. The Pro Max Pro provides an even more complete protection, thanks to its outer impact zone made of PVC. Matching BR over reach boots Pro Max, article 312031. Size S: 2 Velcro closures - Pony front legs Size M: 3 Velcro closures - Pony hind legs/ Full front legs Size L: 4 Velcro closures - Full hind legs
    584,17 kr
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  • HV Polo ridhandskar Ashville
    Gloves Ashville with teddy fleece lining, reflected piping, printed logo artwork, logo silicone print for grip and zip closure. - Composition: 50% Nylon 38% Polyester 5% Neoprene 5% Cotton 2% Polyurethane.
    418,35 kr
  • HV Polo fleecejacka Millet
    HV Polo Fleecejackan Millet är en härligt luddig och mjuk jacka i teknisk fleece. Den andas väl och passar utmärkt för sport. Jackan har en huva. Materialet är 100% polyester. Finns i tre färger.
    1 037,80 kr

    Out of stock

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