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  • Acavallo® dressyrgjord Comfort Gel
    Acavallos anatomiskt formade dressyrsadelgjord med gelstoppning ger hästens rörelser mycket utrymme och sitter bekvämt. Gjorden är tillverkad av syntetiskt läder som jämnar ut trycket och minskar det mot hästens inre organ. Gelkuddarna minskar svettning och kniper inte. Gjorden hålls mycket bra på plats på grund av gelens mjuka friktion. Elastiska band i båda ändorna av gjorden, RST-rullspännen och en patenterad D-ring med säkerhetslås för hjälptyglar. Snygg sportig design. Svart, längder 55-75 cm.
    1 239,42 kr
  • Acavallo® kort sadelgjord med magplatta Comfört Gel
    Short, synthetic, anatomically shaped girth with comfort gel, which allows for better breathing and increased freedom of movement. The airflow gel padding covers a large area of the horse’s belly without pinching. The special design relieves pressure on the organs and prevents excessive heat accumulation. The stud guard is 50 cm wide and provides optimum belly protection when jumping. The girth features elastic inserts at both ends and a centre D-ring and patented safety hook for the possible attachment of draw reins. This hook has been designed to eliminate the need for additional snap hooks or straps and buckle elements. In this way, the risk of entanglement and falling of the horse when jumping, is prevented. The girth has stainless steel roller buckles with a rubber band. As a result, the prong will quickly find the punch hole of the billet, which makes girthing easier. The girth loops ensure that the girth stays perfectly in place.
    1 541,83 kr
  • BR dressyrgjord Anatomic Durham
    Leather, anatomically shaped dressage girth with elastic inserts at both ends and a D-ring for the attachment of draw reins. With stainless steel roller buckles and decorative stitching.
    987,40 kr
  • BR dressyrgjord Daventry
    Leather, anatomically shaped girth with elastic inserts at both ends. The anatomic shape of the girth gives the horse maximum freedom of movement. The elastic inserts offer extra comfort and this makes it easier to girth your horse. By taking the billets through the girth first and through the buckles after that, the girth stays perfectly in position. The girth has stainless steel roller buckles.
    987,40 kr
  • BR dressyrgjord Eclipse
    Anatomically formed, half-round dressage girth featuring medically tanned sheepskin. This half-round dressage girth provides more freedom of movement to the front legs. The girth is recommended when the position of the girth is close to the front legs of the horse, because it can prevent skin damage. With stainless steel buckles and a D-ring for the attachment of auxiliary reins.
    916,83 kr
  • BR dressyrgjord Gentle
    This girth is extremely comfortable for horses. The anatomically formed, soft synthetic girth, has elastic inserts at one end and has stainless steel roller buckles. The girth is easy to clean.
    604,33 kr
  • BR dressyrgjord Velvet
    Neoprene girth, covered with velvet and with stainless steel roller buckles. Very comfortable because of the breathability and moisture management of the materials. The girth is easy to clean.
    412,80 kr
  • Bucas sadelgjord Optima
    The Bucas Optima girth is anatomically shaped for extra freedom around the elbow area. It is also re-enforced so it can help protect the horses belly when jumping. Its high performance Bucatex lining prevents the girth from slipping without causing chaffing to the skin and the outside of the girth is aerated and wipe clean for easy care. Available in Black and Brown. Sizes: 100 cm/38  155 cm/60.  Triple elastic on both ends. Buckle to buckle webbing. Stainless steel buckles. D-Ring for any training aids to be attached.
    896,67 kr
  • Kieffer AIR-TEX girth

    Breathable saddle girth – keeps the body dry and provides a very good ventilation between girth and horse

    • Easy and safe adjustment from the seat
    • Made of resistant mixed fabric
    • Machine washable up to 30 °C
    • All lengths are available in extensions of 5 cm
    563,51 kr
  • Kieffer dressyrgjord COMFORT Leather
    • Sturdy and long lasting
    • Wide cut for an optimal pressure distribution
    • Includes a breastplate ring
    • Simple adjustment from the seat
    • All lengths are available in extensions of 5 cm
    • Roller buckles with Elastomer band
    • Anatomically shaped
    • Without elasticated inserts: 50-80 cm
    1 208,67 kr
  • Kieffer Saddle Girth Kiefferpren Dressage

    Durable and carefree saddle girth made of Kiefferpren

    • Soft and smooth
    • Skin-friendly and sweat absorbing
    • Machine washable up to 30 °C
    • All lengths are available in extensions of 5 cm
    603,83 kr
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