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Olika goda hästgodisar som belöning.
  • Stud Muffins 45
    Healthy and delicous horse muffins, 100% handmade. Each treat contains grains such as wheat, oats, barley and corn, and is fortified with flaxseed and fenugreek. This additional treat is especially fit for use as a snack or reward for your horse or pony. Each bag contains 45 snacks.
    211,19 kr
  • Likit Startpaket
    Likit starter kit with one Likit holder, three Likit licks (650 g) in different flavours and two bags of Likit Snaks in different flavours. Useful first introduction to the brand Likit and also fun to give.
    301,92 kr
  • Likit winter selection box
    This luxury selection box contains various additional treats, which are especially fit for use as a snack or reward for your horse or pony. Includes: 1 bag of Likit Snaks 100 g Mint & Eucalyptus, 1 bag of Likit Snaks 100 g Apple & Cinnamon, 1 Likit Treat Bar Apple, 1 Likit Treat Bar Carrot and 1 Likit Treat Bar Cherry. A board game has been printed on the back of the box. A nice gift for the festive period. Limited edition, while supplies last
    120,46 kr
  • Stud Muffins Mini Muffins Advent Calendar 24x12gr
    The perfect gift for all horse lovers! The countdown to Christmas is a treat with the Stud Muffins advent calendar. The Stud Muffins advent calendar is filled with delicious snacks that every horse will love. As always, the Stud Muffins are 100% handmade and not only delicious, but healthy as well!
    120,46 kr
  • Animal Lovers Heppanamit
    Maittavat ja terveelliset hevosenkengän muotoiset heppanamit kaikkeen palkitsemiseen. 300g
    36,84 kr
  • Likit påfyllning Multipack 5
    Likit Multback sisältävät 5 herkullista maustettua nuolukiveä käytettäväksi Likit leluissa.
    5x250g:n multiback sisältää kirsikan, banaanin, 2xomenan ja porkkanan makuiset nuolukivet jotka sopivat Boredom Breakeriin, Tongue Twisteriin sekä  Boredom Buster.
    206,14 kr