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Under tävlingssäsonger är det viktigt med rätt återhämtning. Hos Horsepro hittar du rätt elektrolyter till förmånligt pris.
  • EQUIPUR - elektrolyt plus
    EQUIPUR - elektrolyt plus quickly and effectively replaces the loss of electrolytes and essential vital substances, which could be caused by perspiration, stress or the effects of diarrhoea. Only by a short-term replacement of these losses can the performance capacity, the freshness and stamina of the horse be restored or improved. Feed additives per kg (litre) Nutritional additives Vitamin C 5.000 mg Niacin 250 mg Calcium-D-pantothenate 200 mg Iron 2.500 mg Iodine 8 mg Cobalt 5 mg Copper 375 mg Manganese 2.000 mg Zinc 2.500 mg Selenium 5 mg
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