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För oskodda hästar! Boa Horse Boot är designad för att skydda hästens hovar. Boa multifunktionsko kan användas som skydd för vardagsridning eller som alternativ vid en tappad sko. Hovproblem? Boa Boot kan användas vid läkning eller vård av hovproblem eller skador. Du kan även skydda hovarna under transport med Boa Boot samt vid läkning av svullnader för att hålla lindan på plats. Boa Boot är lätt att ta på och materialet är tåligt och ger ett bra grepp även på hala ytor. Vår kundtjänst kan hjälpa vid storleksval.
  • HKM boots
    - tålig - stötupptagande - mjukt foder vid kronranden - dubbel säker kardborrförslutning - ovansida av rivtålig nylon - sula av plast - per styck
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  • Easyboot Epic multifunktions sko
    The Easyboot Epic horse riding boot is ideal for the barefoot horse, aggressive conditions or for a horse who is difficult to keep booted. Using Easyboots is a natural way to provide hoof protection, traction, treatment, cushioning and correction while allowing the horse to go barefoot at all other times. They fit snugly to the hoof, are lighter and last many times longer than standard steel plates. Properly fitted, they stay on as well as nailed-on shoes with an important advantage - if an Easyboot is pulled off, the rider can put it right back on.The attached Easyboot Gaiter provides extra protection to the hoof as well as keeps excess dirt and debris from getting into the boot. It also helps keep the boot on during extreme conditions such as mud, snow, and water crossings. This is an excellent boot for long distance riding!
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  • EasyCare Gaiter Easyboot and Epic
    The patented Easyboot Gaiter can quickly be added to the Easyboot of the Easyboot Epic. The Easyboot Gaiter has been designed to improve the performance of the Easyboot on barefoot horses and in muddy terrain. The Gaiter is also very helpful for keeping Easyboots on horses that have a tendency to lose hoof boots and on horses who have a tendency to chafe.
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  • EasyCare Hoof Boot Old Mac's G2
    Every Old Mac's horse boot has a unique hi-tech performance outsole, incorporating the unique Hoof Suspension(tm) System. The specially developed Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) compound will minimize and help speed up recovery from concussion-related injuries. If your horse suffers from any of the following - arthritis, pedal bone fractures, jarred shins, navicular disease, ringbone, knee fractures, laminitis (founder), bruised soles or hoof walls and scalping from overreaching - an Old Mac's horse riding boot will benefit your horse. When used during transport, Old Mac's will eliminate the problem of your horse throwing a shoe in the trailer. Old Mac's protect your horse from bulb and tendon damage, as well as hoof wall and sole bruising. Their exceptional traction will help prevent slipping on the loading ramp and offer increased confidence inside the trailer. Per pair.
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