BR White Shampoo 500 ml

99,50 kr

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BR White Shampoo with macadamia nut oil has been specially developed for grey and light-coloured horses and horses with white markings. It guarantees a clean and shiny grey coat, mane and tail with a fresh smell. The mild shampoo has a cleansing and conditioning effect and enhances the natural colour of the coat. It cleans deep into the coat and removes sweat, dirt, grass stains and manure and urine stains. It neutralises the yellow tint in the coat and restores a gleaming bright grey or white. It adds volume and detangles the coat, mane and tail and maintains the natural oils. Suitable for daily use with every type of coat.
Instructions for use: Spray evenly onto a wet coat, mane and tail and massage in well. Repeat the process for problem areas, such as fetlock joints and knees. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water and allow the horse to dry. For optimal results, spray the horse after treatment with BR Coat Care, article 772005. Do a patch test on the coat before using for the first time. Shake well before use. For external use only. Volume 500 ml.